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How To Sell Jewelry Online and Stand Out From The Crowd

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Have you been noticing how many people are selling jewelry online these days? There are hundreds of thousands of handmade jewelry pieces being sold on the internet right this minute.

How are you to compete with all those people?

Is it even possible?


Common Jewelry Business Mistakes

Are you making lots of these common mistakes too? Mistakes like...

  • Pricing too low
  • Not doing market research into what actually sell online
  • Trying to sell generic items
  • Making what you like, rather than what people are looking for but can't find
  • Not factoring in your labor or the time you spend sourcing supplies
  • Wasting time on social media without a good strategy that brings in sales
  • Not targeting keywords that people are actively searching for
  • Targeting keywords that are highly competitive or are too vague
  • Wasting money advertising where only other jewelry artists hang out instead of your market of potential buyers
  • Allowing yourself to get distracted by online games like foxy bingo because you don't have a solid strategy
  • Not even knowing who your market is

If any of this sounds like you in any way, you'll want to read more.

The Steps to Making Your Handmade Jewelry Business Work Online

1. Research, research, research.

Remember this Golden Rule:   "Find Out What People Want, and Give it to Them"

How to Find Out What People Want

The first thing you'll want to do is some research.   The easiest (and best!) way to do research is by niche market.   Obviously you can't target "everyone" so boiling things down to a small manageable market that you have a chance of getting a foothold in just makes sense.   So brainstorm a niche market.

Then, when you have a few ideas, start doing some research to separate the wheat from the chaff. What you want to do now, is find out what's already selling online.   Current/ past behavior is the best indicator of future behavior.

There are tons of ways to find out what's already selling online. Here are a few ideas:

2. Evaluate and Test

Before you waste time on building up inventory, buying a domain name, building out a webshop or website, or spending money on photography, marketing materials, and advertising, you'll want to be sure that your idea has a decent chance of panning out.

Some key indicators to look for are....

3. Decide Where You Can Fit In

Your goals is to find your own corner of the market where you can be the big fish in a small pond.   For example, say you really like wirewrapping gemstone cabs.   Do some research.   Are there people actively searching for particular gemstone jewelry made with a very specific gemstone?   You can see an example of how I go about doing some keyword research in Jewelry Niches that Start with "A".

Another way to go about figuring where you can fit in is to visit forums, groups, and blogs and see what people are looking for.   See what questions they ask.   And then drill down and research what you come up with.

4. Test and Do Some Hardcore Evaluation

If you only have one business so you want it to count.   Some people have a bunch of niches they target, and some have only one.   One way to test and evaluate is to actually build out a few lenses on Squidoo and see how each does, or evaluate by doing some advanced search analysis on Ebay.   I teach how to do those things in Handmade Results Weekly, but you can also try searching on the web if you want to find free information.

Further Business Building Steps

That pretty much sums up the "research" phase of building a successful handmade jewelry business online.   After that you'll want to build your homebase, build out keyword focused web pages or posts to capture some of that luscious free search engine traffic,create keyword focused product lines, create a system for building relationships, and set up some kind of payment processing, shipping, and followup system.   From there, you can tweak to really build up momentum and gain traction.   Over time, you'll build up a strong business, and become one of those "success stories" you hear about.

Sound overwhelming? It doesn't have to be.   You just take it one step at a time.

Your first step today could be to check out my "Results Report" which lays things out in a little more detail.

In the Results Report, you can read more about successful business practices, helpful steps you can take today, and learn how to actually get results from the time you put into your jewelry business

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