50 Free Web Tools and Apps for Website and Blog Owners (Geek or Not)

I just found the best list of free web tools and apps for website and blog owners.

You know, it never hurts to be able to tweak a few things on your blog or your website.

Maybe you'd like to be able to make a clickable hyperlink in HTML.   Or maybe you want to make a "buy now" button that looks prettier than the one Paypal gives you.

Or maybe you're a little geekier, and like me, you too love the challenge of making a website look the way you want, learn how to do some simple coding, play around in photoshop, and attempt to make some general coolness.

I'm generally an advocate of outsourcing anything that will suck huge amounts of time, but as sweat equity is relatively free, and outsourcing can be a frustration in itself sometimes no matter what your budget is it's nice to be able to tweak a website yourself.

It's even nicer to find free generators to help you do it.

If you're relatively new at website building/ tweaking then you may not even realize the world of free code generators, icon libraries, and other coolness to cut your sweat in half, and make it so much easier to get the effect you want the first time.

If that's you, prepared to get excited and maybe feel the geek inside just a little bit. I know I get excited when I find easier better faster ways to write html code, make a little icon, or make a pretty button,

A little freaked out by HTML code? Don't be. Learning this web stuff is really just like learning a new exciting craft technique.

What's this long introduction all about?Free Web Apps and Tools

I just discovered this design website called "Speckyboy", and on it is the BEST list of free web tools and apps that can make your life as a webmaster a whole lot easier.

This is the best list I've ever seen, and even more exciting for me, I've never heard of any of these free web tools before, ever.

Check it out, and enjoy:)


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Christine Gierer (yes, my real signature.)

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Christine Gierer Christine Gierer is the owner and creator of HandmadeResults.com.   With a focus on internet marketing and business fundamentals, not wasting time on stuff that doesn't work, and good 'ol commonsense, she loves helping jewelry makers make strides building their successful online businesses.   As a jewelry maker and web business owner herself, she knows financial business success is the key to getting the freedom of time to live a creative life.

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