Kameron Kay: Jewelry Selling Secrets Review

Jewelry Selling Secrets
When I first picked up Jewelry Selling Secrets I was a little skeptical.   I guess I'm a little gun-shy and the marketing looked a little too slick.   How intimidating!

But as I started to go through the material, I started to really enjoy it and there is some really useful stuff in here.

It was a really easy read and talked about a number of things that I ve never seen spoken of anywhere else in the jewelry selling niche.

What I really liked was that Kameron is a business woman and thinks about things from a selling perspective.

My favorite part was here detailed information on how she marketed to the stars. Sure, it cost her up front, but if you can get celebrities photographed with your jewelry and you can get some press, wouldn t that totally be worth it?

I'd always wondered before how people did that.

So that was the book. It had enough good content to be worth the $47 cost for a serious jewelry maker who wants to do more than dabble on Etsy.

It was great advice for the average jewelry maker who has absolutely no clue how to approach shops, how to create a focused business strategy, and how to get the most bang for their marketing efforts.

I love audio but hate washing dishes.

But then I listened to the audios. I love audio. I listen while I wash dishes. I hate washing dishes.

I expected the audios to be a reading of the book, but instead I listened to a very interesting interview. This interview, between Kameron and an internet marketing guy (sorry, I forget his name), really consolidated everything for me. It even made me want to start calling up boutiques myself!

Kameron really does it make it sound really easy and do-able to make a good income from your jewelry.

Who do I recommend this for? Well, I don t think it s for everyone. If you re a hermit who wants to know how to do away with dealing with people at all then maybe this isn t for you. And if you re looking for online marketing techniques there aren t any of those either.

However, if you re trying to create a viable business then you ll enjoy this book and audio package. It s definitely for someone who is serious and who s willing to invest a little time and energy into the sales side of things.

It s also a really good primer on how business and retail really works and how to make it work for you. Kameron s easy casual attitude in the audio interview takes a lot of the scariness out of it. She gives a good description of how it all works - how stores decide what to sell, how shop owners like to be treated, and how you partner with the store for your mutual benefit. If you help them look good, then they want to help you. After all, shop owners are just people who want to make a profit too so if you help them do that, then you re golden.

The Bonuses

I guess I'm a little contrary.   Being a "what-are-other-people-doing-with-their-marketing-type-of-gal, I'll often look at the bonuses first when I test-drive a product.

Kameron throws in a number of bonuses which really helps one swallow the $47 book price so much better, but even the bonuses should be worthwhile, right?

There are 2 bonus supply resource lists.

The first, the Asian sources list is clearly not proprietary content. Resale rights probably picked up for a song or not even (you get resale rights to the 2004 Asian resource list too!) And the œMega  suppliers list was good, but not really a list where you can œpay pennies on the dollar  for supplies.

So those bonuses weren't that great in my opinion, but there are other bonuses as well.

These bonuses might very well be useful - the jewelry making bonus, and the website building bonus.

There are some videos showing some basic techniques, and there is a video showing how to make a website in an hour. I can t comment on them because I didn t watch them.

Not because they didn t look worthwhile, but because, well, I m a little short on time and I just didn t.

I already know how to make jewelry. And the make a website in an hour, well I know how to do that too. So I just went on to the meat of the thing. If you need instruction on the basic jewelry making or quick website creation, they might well be quite useful to you.


Kameron Kay s Jewelry Selling Secrets is a good book with advice you re hard pressed to come by in the handmade selling market.

The audio interview was exceptional and a great motivator too.   The book was a little on the pricey side, but considering you'll more than make up for the cost if you follow her strategies, it's well worth it.

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  1. Virginia Simpson-Magruder
    Posted December 10, 2009 at 12:23 pm | Permalink

    Good review but unless you think there is material in this that you are not going to cover in your premium lessons, then I think I’ll go with your info for now!

    • Christine
      Posted December 11, 2009 at 10:35 am | Permalink

      Hi Virginia,

      The coolest thing about Kameron’s book is that it talks about how you can get your jewelry on the celebs. Pretty cool if you can swing it.

      I won’t be going into that at all. I’m shy and I’m a homebody. I love the idea of being able to work from home without having to do the shmoozing.

      Staying at home and using the internet marketing tools and techniques to make money without the face to face shmoozing is what I’m good at. That’s where we’ll be going with the Handmade Results Premium lessons. Thanks for signing up!

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